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Venture x Grim Grease Sasquatch Cream Pomade

  • Legend has it, Sasquatch brewed for years, using only plant based ingredients to perfect a formula to tame his unruly hair. Many years later, to present day, one of our Venturers stumbled upon an uncharted area of the woods where he found a concoction inside a hollowed wooden bowl. We brought that back to our lab, broke down the ingredients re-formulated, and that is how our Sasquatch Cream Pomade was born. If it is good to tame Sasquatch’s hair, it is good for anyone to tame theirs and style it for their next Venture.

    This pomade that has been developed with Grim Grease as a firm hold medium shine product that is easy to apply, giving an all day hold while still being pliable enough to restyle if desired. Formulated with only plant based ingredients to make sure we keep your hair and scalp as healthy as possible.


    The blend of sweet Mandarin, Grapefruit, Rosemary and woodsy Cedarwood fragrances will take you back to your last hike out on your favorite trail in the forest.


    1. 3.4 oz / 100 ml
    2. Firm to Heavy Hold
    3. Low to Medium Shine
    4. Water Based
    5. Does not flake or leave Sticky Build-Up
    6. Washes Easily with Just Water
    7. Cruelty free
    8. Vegan
    9. Paraben Free
    10. Formaldehyde Free
    11. Made in USA